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I have a very oily, greasy complexion. I'm on Retin-a Micro, the strongest dose and it has helped get rid of some of the zits. Can anyone suggest a gel, cream...ANYTHING to control the oil BEFORE I put my makeup on??? I'll put my makeup on and in about 1 hour my skin is all greasy and YUCK! :bouncing: I HATE IT!!! I welcome all advice!!! Thanks!
I use the have the worst oil problems. I have never ever seen anyones oil production as bad as mine was. It would become oily 30min after washing. It would shine and glimmer in the sunlight. It would pool around my pores. The only thing that worked was accutane im on it now almost on my 3rd month. Retin A topical did reduce my oils but came with a price it burnt my skin badly. good luck im not sure how oily you are exactly but if you have lots of oil and acne ask your derm about accutane.
There are 3 things you can do:

Get Clinac OC if you in the US or OC Eight if your in the UK. It has a special polymer that absorbs oil. This polymer incorporates oil into its structure. It will not clump as long as your makeup is non-comedogenic or oil based. It only lasts 2 hours for me -> I have extremely oily skin. It can last up to 8 hours though. Cost $12-$15.

Get Clean and Clear oil control film. You can get this on ebay alot cheaper. It will cost about $25 for 600 sheets. I go through that in about 3 weeks.

Or you could use some kind of drying agent, but those WILL iritate and dry your skin.
benzoyl peroxide
salicylic acid
glycolic acid
Retin A

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