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If you have mild acne I wouldnt use Accutane.

Accutane is for severe cystic acne, it may clear you up great but what this drug does to your body is still unknown... the Company Roche, dont even know how it works to eliminate oil which is how it eliminates acne.

The problem with eliminating all oils is that you deprive your system of natural oils which are essential for it daily operations.

Many people have been debilitated from accutane PERMANENTLY, side effects ranging from headaches, bone and joint sores, hair loss, depression, gastrointestinal problems, vision problems, hearing problems, sexual disfunction and the list goes on and on.

Accutane works for the majority of people who use it and all the get is dry skin and lips. The thing is the damage is not seen for months or even years (up to 10 years) later after the treatment is finished and then these side effects begin to emerge. Very serious ones too. Although it is rare to have any bad side effects that are permanent you will never know until you are much older... you could have a life long battle with many health problems down the road, and treat mild acne its not worth the risk.

I started a Accutane course for 4 days until I read real life stories and people who were injured by it permanently.

There have been over 2000 cases of suicide due to accutane and it can happen to everyone, the toxic levels of Vitamin A alter the brain permanently whether you have a history of depression or not.

I would try as many things as you can before using Accutane cause its a risk that is not worth taking if you have mild acne.

I had moderate acne and I quit after I seen what this drug has done to so many people, who knows I may have gotten away with no side effects but I will never know cause they take years to surface.

SOMETHING ELSE HAS TO WORK!!! besides accutane, just be careful with it, its not for mild cases its for people who have severe cystic acne which scars and disfigures their face and skin, and should only be used in those cases, but everyone wants clear skin and some will put their future health on the line.

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