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i can also sympathize with you all. i am a 32 y/o male. been battling with acne since i was 21. i've tried and done most everything. i haven't used accutane or mino yet. i have mild acne as well. i am trying to be a cop and let me tell you all, with the look of a 17 y/o, who wants to hire you? no one. i work in a police station full time dispatching and i know everyone looks and wonders, what the heck is wrong with his face. some weeks are okay, others are not. i also look in the mirror constantly. at work, at home. i am often too embarrassed to go out and meet friends. i look around at SO MANY guuys with perfect skin. albeit they have other problems, hair loss, weight, etc. but their skin is perfect. i've often said i'd give ANYTHING to have clear skin. a kidney, an arm, leg, whatever it takes! but alas, there is no trade-off.

HERE IS A TIP. I have read on this message board about soaps from India that work wonders. I've cut and pasted my order from last week. So far I like the Chandrika soap the best. a.m., afternoon and p.m. before bed. gives me about 8 hours of dry clean skin. i have had SO MANY problems with the zillion different cleansers, moisturizers, topical treatments and i'm sick of them all as well as this f'ing acne. anyway, try these soaps and let me know. i think you all may benefit. it will take several days, but i can tell you in the five days i've used the soaps, i haven't had any break-outs or new pimples!!!! that's a first in TEN YEARS!! now i know i may by jinxing myself, but i wanted to let you know of my results sooner than later. you can order them online and they are cheaper than ANY product you will ever use. someone suggested olive oil soap in the a.m., chandrika in the afternoon and tulsi-neem in the p.m. i also use a full face mudd mask a few times a week. sucks your face dry!

email me at [email][email protected][/email] if you want to talk more. it's tough to check the threads i've posted on to see the follow-ups. best of luck, try to keep a positive attitude and remember, you're not alone!



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