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I had pretty bad acne 22 days ago, but now, after 22 days of accutane, my skin is looking the best it has in 3 years. Accutane is whooping my acne's butt! I had a pretty bad initial breakout, but it went away quickly. The initial breakout for me was like one of my normal breakouts but times like 3. It was pretty bad, but they went away VERY fast, it was insane. On the 4th day I broke out on my chin (a place I never break out) and I counted 19 big zits.The next morning 15, the morning after that 3, the morning after that no active zits at all, just a few marks from some of the old ones. Thats how fast they go away. I broke out a lot on the left side of my face too, but by day 10 I stopped breaking out and have been gradually clearing up ever since. I have stilll beeing getting zits zits but not as bad and they go away fast. I took my 22nd pill today, and my skin is looking remarkably better. Its far from clear but things are definetly looking up. The best part is the redness I had all over my face, the kind of zits things that sorta stay under your skin and you can't really do anything about, finally went away. It made my skin look 10 times clearer.

If you are worried about your hair thining, start using stuff called Nioxin right away. It keeps your hair from thinning, and is really good at moisturizing your scalp and stopping dandruf. When I went to the hair cutting place to buy it, the lady who was showing me it told me it was great for dry hair and that half of the barbers at the hair cutting place use it. Its good stuff, pick it up. Don't wait for signs of hair loss to get it either, start using it now, it cant hurt.

I have heard of very few people who arn't at least temporarily cured by this. They say about half are "cured," meaning they don't have problems with acne anymore, and the other half's acne comes back after 3 months to a year, but not as bad. These people will continue to need to use acne medicines, and maybe even another course of accutane.

Good luck to you, I hope it works well. It has so far for me!

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