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Re: Scouselad
Apr 10, 2003
Firstly, to be honest i never seen any improvement with either Differin or Retin A the reason being that i didn't give either of them a chance to work,i was very young when they were prescribed for me and i wanted to see results within weeks not months which is very unrealisitic.
I used to get rid of the big lumps under my skin by applying very hot compresses to them as much as i could throughout the day,then i would apply a mud mask to the area,then i would apply B.P 10% and burn the buggers off,but this was the wrong way to go about it,as this quick cure left terrible red marks that would take ages to go, months in some cases infact one mark took a year or more to dissapear.
Nowadays i have learnt that gentle is best,although it may be slow,firstly i cleanse the area with a facial wipe,then i apply hydrocortisone to the area surrounding the spot,but not the middle of the spot where you would imagine the head to be if you could see it,then i pop an ibuprofen tablet every 6 hours or so until the swelling diminshes,sometimes this can take days,i have also been applying thursday plantation tea tree oil lotion which i got online,its an antiseptic lotion thats water based and not greasy plus it smells really clean,after four days i have noticed that my swelling and redness have nearly gone and i don't think i am going to be left with a red mark,infact the lump couldn't of been that bad because i actually went for a meal and a few beers tonight with a mate and i would never of done that in the past as i was so ashamed of the way the lumps looked.
Anyway hope thats helped you a bit and what you say over the roaccutane is pretty scary,as i have said before mate i think i would rather try stronger antibiotics and other methods before i consider roaccutane even though the thought of it working and freeing me from this is very tempting.

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