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I also remember you! But we never were tied to any conversations. It's funny, I had my own group of Acne buddies at the time and we all started accutane at the same time. I have talked to two of them since (both females) and one of them is doing great. The other is back on medications. I was trying to figure out the differences between the three of us but was unable to. Well anyway, it's funny you mentioned rosacea and migranes. After the treatment my skin went super-sensitive. I developed rashes all over my forehead. And they were spontaneous. Some doc's told me it was eczema while other told me it was rosacea. I didn't fall for that crap. I didn't want to be on any more meds for my skin. I was convinced that it was the Accutane drying out my skin and removing my natural oils. And I thought time was the answer. I exfoliated regulary realizing that many of the rashes were caused by dry dead skin that was sticking to the skin. This happened for 3 months. After that it started to happen less and less and now I don't even think about it. The vitamin E 400iu is what I think is helping orally. So I still get a whitehead now and then but so does almost everyone. It's been 1 year 1/2 of no cysts or major zits. So here is my regimine now:

1) Wake up and wash with Dove Cleansing Cloth - Sensitive....I like this because it also has anti-aging properties. My cheeks are now crystal clear and look like I'm 16 years old. The exfoliation is helping the tone of my forehead. Believe it or not, it contains Retinyl and Vitamin E.
2) Put on Cetaphil lotion - I can vouch that the Cream sux and clogs pores while the lotion absorbs quickly and moisturizes the skin.
3) NO ACNE MEDICINE - I never thought there would be a day
4) Take supplements:
2g B5 - For Hair and Skin
Zinc - Don't know the dosage but normal (overall one of the best vitamins especially for males)
Saw Palmetto - 160mg 2x a day (4 1/2 months), using it to combat hair loss
Vitamin E 400iu
L-lysine - essential amino acid
5) Drink 3 cups of Green Tea Everyday - A co-worker recommended it for hair and skin.
5) Night - nothing

The hairloss continued. Don't know if it's accutane related. I am 27 now so it could just be normal. It's not that bad but I noticed it after stopping the accutane. I am still shedding a quite bit but I started Rogaine to maintain. My gf says it's not noticable so that a plus. I think Accutane causes TE (Tellogen Effilum) which is usually due to stress or vitamin A toxicity, etc. But not DHT or normal MPB. I think once the high levels of Vitamin A are out of my system, it will start to improve.

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