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Hi everyone,

I hardly doubt anyone on this board remembers me at all. It's been 1 1/2 years after finishing my accutane treatment. I started at the age of 25 and had cystic acne. I had no superficial acne but just cysts that periodically appeared that left indentations and permanent scars. My acne was mostly on my forehead. Doctors would not prescribe me Accutane at the time because they thought it wasn't that bad. However, I went into severe depression because of my acne. I got a prescription through a family doctor instead. I went on a 4 month course of 40mg. I had a small initial breakout but I haven't had any cysts since the course finished. Everyone I talk to say I have no acne at all. My scars however are still there and visible but that should improve over time. I don't use any acne medications since the accutane but wash with Dove Sensitive cloths everyday. The cloths have vitamin E and A and moisturizer so I find it simple and it will help improve the skin. Since the accutane, my skin is always dry so I need to constantly exfoliate. The only side effect is the hair loss. I started losing hair since the treatment. My doc says it's not but I'm positive can all of a sudden my hair start falling out. It's not that bad though, there are many guys my age who have it worse. Anyway, for the acne, accutane is the best decision I have ever made. I still get a pimple here and there but they go away in hours and not months that they used to....

take care everyone,

and I can always answer your questions...

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