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First off, let me say that Accutane worked for me. Oh boy, it really did a piece of WORK on me. I know itís strange to say so but I could have sworn I felt the pill work as soon as I popped the first one. There was nothing but pure joy during the 1st 1 and Ĺ weeks of my dermatological treatment. Iíve said before that my regime of healthy eating; supplementation and exercise were bringing me results but nothing as rapid as this. I literally felt the damn zits dying off as shriveled up like little whining b-i-t*ch*es. I felt on top of the world. I could FEEL my skin puking up years of pent up crap and you know what? It felt GREAT! The only downside was that Erythromycin tasted really bitter. (I have a habit of licking my lips.) Then the side effects happened. Around the end of the one and a half week, my lips went dry. At the start of the 2nd week, my skin started getting a little chapped and rough. By the 3rd week, my face was getting flakes. When the time came for my next appointment with Dr Tan, I was the elephant man. The back of my arms and hands were very rough and chapped (my hands had red scabs on them looked really gross) and my lips looked like I had syphilis. (The moisturizer and lip balm Dr Tan prescribed didnít do squat.) I was thinking maybe I should start frequenting the venereal disease board instead of the Acne board. Good thing was my acne kept steadily disappearing and by this time I had mild acne. Now I bet you guys are wondering, is this guy some kind of wimp? I mean, it seems that everyone on the board were going 120 mg (Some whacked up Accutane-dude on his 3rd course?) a day or 50 mg/day or increasing their dosage after 2 months, hell there was even this 138 pound girl who went 40 mg a day without adverse side effects. I didnít know why body reacted like that as well. When I saw Dr tan the 2nd time, she did a double take when she saw me and asked whether I was using the lip balm and moisturizer she prescribed, regularly. I was affirmative. We then talked about cutting down the dosage but she advised against it but left the decision to me. See the great thing about her is that she actually talks TO the patient and not at the patient. Her bedside manner was excellent. And I didnít notice at that time cause I was too depressed but actually Dr Tan was pretty hot for a 30+-year-old lady. When I read about some the ***-wipes some of these people had for dermatologists in America I just couldnít believe it. In Singapore, these schmucks would have been thrown out on the streets if they acted like that. The problem you guys have is oversupply man. Anybody can be a doctor over there (no offense.); even my crappy cousin (who is an American citizen BTW) is some kind of eye specialist over there. Cousin America who is dumb as nuts and as lazy as a sloth actually made it as an eye specialist over there! Well back to the point, I decided not to cut down the dosage and Dr Tan gave me some medicated creams to help cope with the side effects. A few months back I had brought olive oil to moisturize my hands because my then girlfriend claimed that my hands were too rough. I started applying olive oil externally to help as well. During the 2nd month of the treatment, the side effects died down and flared up on and off but were never quite as severe as before. My face continued to improve. But I still didnít look so hot as I started to see the legacy acne had left me. A really, really bad patchwork of scars and red marks all over my face. I was ready to cry where I had been on top of the world just a while back as I contemplated the possibly permanent damage acne has dealt to me.

(Will Jaime ever get his dashing good looks back? Will he put one over all those jealous uglies of his cousins? More as we come back later.)

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