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[QUOTE=hiya322000]yeah i'm in pain today too.. so much different then the 1st treatment.. at least i know something is going on with the treatment this time around.. my 1st treatment there was little pain and redness so i was worried i was wasting my time. my doctor definitely stressed not to go into the sun for 36 hour ( it will make the healing longer because the sun can make you react negatively with this treatment) and to put hydrocortisone cream for the redness.. i think it will take me at lease a week to recover but it will be worth it. she also suggested not to put any other medications on while recovering.. bp, retin-a, etc.. question for you... what type of acne do you have?? i have what is considered grade 3 cystic acne (just on my chin thou) and was wondering what you have and the success your doctor suggested you may have with the levulan/blue light. my doctor made me feel pretty positive with this treatment so i'm hoping it works.. i have been on everything you can think minus accutane and this was my last hope before taking that final leap to accutane.. hope this works for me.. thanks for responding.[/QUOTE]

I have moderate cystic acne. For example I have around 10 cysts on my face at any given time- I do not get small acne pimples, only cysts. Anyway, Ive been on accutane 4 times. I actually got off it last in December of last year so since my skin started breaking out again like it always does after accutane, I was hoping that the blue-light treatments would keep my acne at least under control and keep it from being [I]so[/I] bad. I bought a package of 8 treatments of blue light with the option of red also. After getting 8 treatments, my skin is supposed to be under control and then Ill only have to get a maitenence treatment once every 6 weeks or so... thats how things are SUPPOSED to work out, and Ill be so greatful if it does.
I asked for redlight on my 4th treatment which caused me to break out very bad so my dr. tried the levulan on me for free to see its effects on me. I pay out of pocket for my treatments, I have no insurance and even if I did, it wouldnt have covered this. My package was $550. SO I hope that it ends up being worth it.

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