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[QUOTE=hiya322000]sounds like we have the same type of acne. is redlight the same as blue light? i have the omnilux blue light treatment so just was curious. also, how is your skin today?? mine is really red on the chin area and peeling.. looks kinda bad but i will hang in there.. at least i now something is going on.. as far as the price.. i am to have 3 treatments at $175 a pop and maintenance if needed.. luckily my insurance will cover $100 per each treatment so maintenance seems possible.. anyways, thanks for responding.. it's cool to know someone else is going thru the same treatment at the same time.. please keep me posted on your progress.[/QUOTE]

Yea, mine is the omnilux blue light treatment also. The red is supposed to be targeted more towards bad cystic acne, which sounded stronger and is why I asked for it, but its diff than blue cause it breaks you out bad before you clear. Anyway, so do you get the levulan each time with blue? See, my package is just for bluelight, if I want to add levulan, then its $125 each time.
I got levulan on my whole face. My face is less red today but still terrible and feels so tight and icky. I have a halloween party sunday that I hope I can go to, but my skin needs to clear up fast (as far as the redness and peeling goes) or else I wont be able to. Im so mad that I did this now when it may screw up my halloween plans! I didnt think it would be bad when halloween came around, but from the way things are healing, Im not too confident anymore about it.
[ [B]removed [/B] ] I dont know anyone else thats getting this done, and it would be nice to have you there to share stuff with since obviously not everyone understands this! Everyone thinks I got my face burnt off! I have only been putting moisturizer on cause I dont know what I could use that wont cause more acne. You said hydrocortosione? I dont know if thats safe for me to use...cause If I use something that breaks me out, its like I did all of this for nothing. *BUT* my face needs something bad so it can heal you have any idea of what would be ok to use?

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