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[QUOTE=prettybow04]HEY! Ive been waiting to hear back from ya. I had asked some questions in one of my other posts to you that I was curious to hear your answers to :) Also, how is your face today? Mine is still not completley back to normal, but it was satisfactory enough to at least put on makeup and not look like I was in a burn accident! I have lost of peeling. Anyway, hope to hear from you soon! thanks[/QUOTE]

hey prettybow04, sorry it's taken so long to get back, i have been out and just got around to the healthboards.. so as far as my face today, i would say it's about 99% healed.. it's still a little dry ( i went and bought some cetaphil lotion in the green bottle which has sunscreen) and that has helped alot with the reddness. i have a little bit of bumps left but it has healed really well.. i hope it stays this way.. i have my 3rd treatment this coming monday and the true test is how my face will be right before my period which is next week. this is when i break out the worst... so that is the test if this treatment will work... so far alot of my little pimples on my forehead are totally gone and it's like my skin has been renewed in alot of places. my chin is where alot of the damage has been, scars, cysts, etc.. i'm crossing my fingers that this is my cure.. how are you doing?? did the peeling subside?? wb when you can and let me know if you have done your 3rd treatment and how your progress is going. take care

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