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I have a steady case of acne! I know now that on my face it is possible for me to get a zit nearly anywhere - because it has happened. My face hasn't been 100% clear for about 13 years. Yeah, it has it's ups and downs...but the acne is always there.

I tend to get a few blackheads here and there - mostly on or near my chin. But my main type of zit are the big, red painful ones that you feel coming on before they get to be their ugliest. My face isn't covered with them, but one of these usually ranges in size from a pencil eraser to a dime, so they take up a lot of room and look really angry. I'll get 2-4 at once...they'll start to clear, then a few more will pop up. Plus, they leave nasty red marks which look like zits. They usually take from 5-8 days to go away. They are not cysts, just really inflamed...well, uh, zits. The 2-4 I am talking about is what my face gets now...not that long ago, it was worse - about 8 at a time. Sometimes if I prodded one of them, I'd make a serious mess of my face. I'd just go at the thing until I had literally dug into my skin, then eventually I'd back away from the mirror and wonder what I'd done. Those marks were not easy to cover. It was a zit, but I had done damage to the surrounding tissue and I would have a big scab. Makeup couldn't hide a crusty, scabby zit. But I tried. And I know it looked like hell. I am sure even other people with acne looked at my face and wondered - what is that? Anyway...

My skin has improved ever since I:

Have been on birth control
Keep a regular exfoliation schedule
Use 2% salicylic acid wash daily
Use benzoyl peroxide at night
Drink green tea w/ lemon
Regularly wash pillowcases and sheets
Dry face with paper towels instead of a handtowel
Stopped using a face powder that contains talc (rice powder instead)
Moisturize only when I need it and where I need it
Use a 10% glycolic acid toner
Don't mess with my zits!

It makes me sad when I think about all the energy and products I expend on my skin. But the results are enough for me to stick with it. I don't expect to be 100% clear - whatever zits I can't prevent I dab with some concealer - they are alot easier to cover when I don't mess with them. :)

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