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I've been looking on here for help with my acne, as I'm sure all of you are. The one thing I would really like to see on here is a thread where everyone says what kind of acne they have and what they've done to help it. The closest thing I've seen on here is "what works for you" but the people don't say what kind of acne they have. So, Please answer the following:

1. What type of acne do you have?
2. What skin type are you? Dry, Normal, or Oily? SENSITIVE?
3. What has worked for your acne?
4. What has NOT worked for your acne?

Here's mine:
1. inflammatory acne with the itchy zits
2. dry, Sensitive, especially bad during cold months, it's horrible.
3. I took Bactrim for about a year and then it stopped working, now I'm looking for something that won't harm my body like pills will. I use Dove soap on my face right now, and occasionally Aloe vera gel and jojoba oil, which i'm still experimenting with
4. Any Neutrogena products, l'oreal products, any name-brand products really. minocycline pills didn't help much. tazorac cream just made my face really really red, it still seems to be messed up by it. Proactiv doesn't work, it's too harsh

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