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I live in Maine and now the cold weather has started to come in. I have a major problem with dry skin. I have moderate acne and I use erythromycin liquid on my entire face at night. In the morning I take a shower and after my face has dried off from the shower my skin is very dry. About 10 minutes after drying my face off from the shower there are white patches on my forhead and all around my mouth and chin. These are large patches of dry skin. I re-wash my face to try to get rid of it and when I get to school I look in the mirror and my face is all white with dry skin again. This problem is extreemly embarassing for me and I can't seem to get my face to be less dry. I have a daily sruggle trying to keep my face pimple free and now I have to deal with very dry skin at the same time. It is so overwhelming. I really could use some advice on how to get my face less dry. I would like to wake up in the morning, take a shower and not worry about people staring at my face beucase it is covered in white patches of dry skin! Please someone help me. Thanks!

Here is what I would do, because I have sensitive skin that easily flakes due to my topicals (and I live in Upstate NY where lake effect winds basically blow my skin off in the winter!)
1. Wash with a gentle cleanser (like Dove or something of that sort). Do not scrub your face (that makes it flakier and dryer quick! Rub soap into your skin with your fingers and rinse with luke warm water (not hot)
2. Use a moisturizer before bed, Oil of Olay or Neutrogena provide the best, make sure it is oil free and noncomegenic (won't clog pores).
3. Exfoliate, but not by washing/scrubbing. After gently washing your face in the morning, use a gentle exfoliant twice a week. I recommend this amazing stuff called Alloette Enzyme Peel. It is a gel you rub into your skin and the dead skin comes right off. It is extremely gentle, doesn't cause breakouts, and does not require scrubbing.
4. Drink 64oz of water a day. Drinking this much water has made a huge difference in my dry skin from topicals. Also think about an Omega 3 vitamen supplement. That does wonders for eczema too.

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