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Well that depends on your diet philosophy & personal experience. If you follow the paleodiet, then cooked eggs are bad for you. I eat them cooked, scrambled usually, and I haven't noticed any problems, but I'm not looking for it either. I don't eat eggs very often, so I can't tell you if they affect me personally.

Now protein is a good thing. But, if you are getting it from animal protein, and it's not as lean as it should be, then you may find the opposite to be true. I don't worry about animal fat, but at least 50% of the time when I'm eating meat it is lean meat. Of course the fat from fish is not a problem because it has omega 3s ;-)

Generally a Low - Moderate Carbhoydrate diet is all you need in terms of your sugar. If you follow a moderate carb diet (45% - 55%) you'll make up the other part in 25%- 35% protein and 20% or less in (good) fat. I don't calorie count or carb count, but generally what's high in calories (which can boost IR), is also high in problematic carbohydrates or fats. If you were to follow the USDA food pyramid the way that we eat (several servings per meal, added sugars, refined grains), I wouldn't be surprised to see most people consuming up to 800g of carbohydrates or more a day.

I once counted up my diet and it went from 400 - 600g of carbs daily to 200 - 300g of carbs daily just by switching the [B]type[/B] & [B]quality[/B] of my carbohydrates! I eat what I want in terms of vegetables and the fruits that I can tolerate, I eat starchy vegetables, starchy gluten-free grains, seeds, a few legumes, and animal protein, & good fats. It worked to get my skin 99% clear, majorly reduced my sebum, shrank my pores, eliminated my menstrual pains and YES, I definately have hyperandrogenism driving my hormonal acne...which is now reduced ;-)

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