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[QUOTE=Joe_Dude]Sugars I understand, but what about bread and milk and caffeine? Or even masturbation? Do they raise our hormone levels as well?[/QUOTE]

Yes, sex does raise your hormones, but that's why males may have good luck taking zinc (antiandrogenic & anti-inflammatory) as this is what is found in stuff.

As for the bread and dairy, it's the same philosophy as the added & refined sugars, they both contain sugars (dairy = lactose) and bread = carbohydrates = sugar. While some people can do just fine by switching to whole grain breads or sprouted breads, others, like myself, found that Wheat/gluten is particularly troublesome for them.

Also, the dairy from cows milk contains more whey than it does in human milk, which can raise your IGF-1 levels. Regardless of wether it's organic or regular milk, the milk contains IGF-1, but "regular" milk has EXTRA IGF-1 due to the growth hormones they inject the cows with and artificial insemination to keep them constantly pregnant (otherwise you wouldn't have milk or beef).

So what happens with the bread and dairy and trans fats, is that they will raise your IGF-1 levels, which is responsible for (normal) growth of cells, tumors, etc. Bread/sugars, because [B]they raise your Insulin Levels will also [U]lower[/U] your IGFBP-3[/B] which binds IGF-1. Also, because of those [B]raised Insulin Levels it will [U]reduce[/U] your Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)[/B], which is responsible for binding [B]Free Androgens/Testosterone[/B]. If you don't have enough SHBG, then you will probably find that you have hyperandrogenism, or in otherwords, lots of testosterone & DHT (in conjunction w/IGF-1) to wreak havok on your skin, hair, prostate, etc.

There's other foods that can be problematic, but scientifically these are the main ones that are attributed to messing with our hormones. Of course lots of fiber, (most) fruit, vegetables, (nuts), seeds, legumes, (certain grains) and lean meats & fish will do the opposite, or rather, balance the imbalance =)

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