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[QUOTE=Shy One]3 months? Wow... I guess i'll stick with the Yasmin until then. Money is just a big issue for me here. Having to do tests again = more money.

Will the Yasmin effect results of a fasting insulin test? ... Or whatever type of tests they will need to find out if this is insulin related? Thanks[/QUOTE]

You know, it may or may not. Someone pointed out a study to me published in 2004 [url][/url] that implicated BC + CPA, otherwise known as Dianette to increasing your insulin resistance... Yet from the study above, the drug still did what it was supposed to do in terms of boosting your SHBG and lowering your androgens. Plus there's other studies that show that it decrease insulin resistance and others studies that says has no effect. So... perhaps, if there is a wear-off effect of Dianette, it may be attributed to this side effect.

What I do know is that when I got tested with my last endo, my first set of tests were while I was under BC & Spiro and my hormones were still high (lucky me) and my glucose level was low-normal. So, perhaps that is something you can get tested for 2 - 3x.

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