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[QUOTE=LauraOSU05]Hey girls! I figured it was about time to bump up this thread again! ;)

Katrina -
Do you like regular Ortho-cyclen? Or are you switching to Yasmin? I am on Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo and I think that the reason I break out differently every week is because of the hormone changes! :eek:

I need to talk to my gyno or derm, but perhaps I would be better off with something monophasic (where the hormones stay the same for the whole 3 weeks before the placebo pills)! That's why I was interested in Yasmin or Desogen! Any suggestions?[/QUOTE]

I break out alot more now on Orthocyclin than I ever did with any other birth control. I start my switch to Yasmin today. I am hoping that will help the problem. I have heard nothing but bad things about ortho tri cyclen lo, I think it provides too little estrogen for those with hormonal acne. I don't know much aboutt his stuff, but from what I have heard on other boards, you might be best switching to ortho tri (regular), desogen, or yasmin. Good luck!
Hi Laura!

I've been on orth tri-cyclen, ortho cyclen, and most recently for 3 months, necon 1/35. The first two did nothing for my acne, good or bad, and the last one, necon, messed up my face.

I've steadily been on BCP for 4.5 years, so it's helpful to be reminded things like "take it at night" if you feel sick. I'll see if my tummy calms down this week, and if it doesn't I'll switch to taking at night.

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