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[QUOTE=kizmatica]Ive looked at this product on its website, and it seems pretty great, although very expensive. However, ive used herbal chinese formuals in the past and they haven't particuarly worked very well, so i was wondering if anyone had any reviews on this product?

I have pretty bad skin, quite a few spots which come and go, but my main problem is my complexion :(, i have to shower with boiling hot water on my skin every morning, then use that loreal puryifying gel, and occassionally have to hide my spots with some healing cream. Ive been doing this for 3years now, and ive had spots since the age of 14. I am up for an appointment for the dermetologist in the hospital in January to decide whether to take accutauane, or however you spell it, and i really hope it doesnt get to that stage, as this acnease seems pretty great (if it works) but i dont want to spend 100 pound on nothing.

Thanks if you can help[/QUOTE]

In my experiences, using really hot water is not a good idea.

I don't know anything about Acnease, but I would guess it's an overpriced gimmick just like most everything else.

The way it sounds, your situation isn't severe enough to warrant Accutane. I would try other topicals from your derm before you take that route.

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