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I swore by proactive when I was doing some modeling, but now I'm pregnant and am not allowed to use it, but I never heard of x-tra strength...weird...I say go for it anyway
[QUOTE=SMT12483]So I had ordered Proactiv about three months ago and decided to stop my shipment this week because I felt as though it wasn't really doing anything for my skin. The operator kept asking me why I was going to stop using it and then she suggested I try the extra strength proactiv free of charge. Since it was free I decided to try it but I have never heard of an extra strength version and there is nothing about it on the website. I almost think she was lying to me, does anyone know anything about it? Thanks.

How bad is your acne before you got pregnant? What did you enjoy most about Proactive? I'm so tempted to try it again. I tried it years ago and I wasn't commited so maybe it didn't have a fighting chance, but so many people that I know have used it and it works for them, but we're all different so I don't know.

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