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I've had a long indented scar for 3 years now. I'm going on to 21 soon. :) I'm just wondering, how did this long, big scar happen? It's an area of my skin on my cheek that simply dips in. Under light you see a shadow, a long circular rectangle. It doesn't have an outline, so it wasn't caused by a single scar. SO i'm left wondering, how did it happen? Do other people have these type of scars, just indentions on your skin, sort of like a sink hole?

I also have developed in the last 6 months two red bumps that don't go away. Are these pimples or scars? They are the tiniest of dots, also bumps, they don't hurt, or itch, and they don't go away. I have a feeling its some sort of scar, a really red one in a bump form, but don't know why i got these two scars or "pimples" in the last months. What can I do to treat it? Is it a scar or pimple?

Well, on the brighter side, I don't get breakouts anymore. This is the regimen that finally worked for me:

I had been using retin-a micro for 2 years now. It helped a lot when I first got on it last year, along with clyndamiacine phosphate solution. Eventually the peeling and efficacy of retin-a micro went away after a few months.

2 months ago I did two things that did the trick. I stopped eating oily food or anything high in fat content, in conjunction with getting on pantothenic acid (5 grams a day along with 50 mg of zinc). After two months I'm relatively clear, and now have blemishes and scars left. Here's my daily routine.

Skin type: Oily and extremely sensitive.
*Nivea (for oily skin)
*Green tea toner
*Clyndamiacine phosphate solution
*Clean and clear moisturizer (oil free)

*Ponds foam cleanser or Biore foaming cleanser w/out salycilic acid (because of my sensitive skin). I use biore when my skin is extremely oily that day.
*Green tea toner
*Clyndiacine Phosphate solution.
*Clean and clear moisturizer

*Ponds foam cleanser
*Green tea toner
*Retin-A micro 0.1

Other product used: whenever I get a new pimple forming, I immediately put Tea trea oil directly on it at night. Makes the area red, fades away in an hour. By morning, swelling goes down at least 33 percent.
New pimples rarely reach full potential on my face with the use of tea trea oil now. After swelling goes down, I stop using the tea trea oil and use my regular routine on the pimple to dry it up.

On scars: c5 serum is working great on newly formed scars.

I take vitamin E regularly.

Now I need to find a solution for blemishes. I've been using Vitamin K cream on my blemish for a week and a half now with no results. Any suggestions?

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