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I did some research on acne and I stumbled across a very interesting website which explained acne being the cause of 2 things:

1. Hormonal imbalance in your body, combined with...

2. Particular congesting toxins that buildup in your blood and lymph fluid.

The site is saying (sorry if I forget some highlights of this Theory, I am unsure if I can post the link or not...I will post if when I find out):

"The hormonal imbalance makes your pores spit out too much sebum or skin oil ... WHICH...

" mixes with highly congesting blood toxins that create the perfect "breeding environment" in and on your skin for acne bacteria grow "

I found this Theory very interesting, It made me think that what I should focus on is : balancing my hormones and making sure i get rid of blood toxins in my body

THUS, I tried Detoxification, which releases toxins in the body from processed food and clears your system, and during & after I am going to try my best to stick to only healthy foods, organic as possible (less processed) Which should help balance my hormones and reduce blood toxins in my body...

MY PROGRESS (During 2 weeks)
I haven't fully found out what Detox method to use, but I figured to aim at cleaning the liver'...

I drank tons of water, even took some cranberry juice, I reduced processed foods as much as I could, sticked to lots of vegies (raw as much as i could) and fruits , I have also done deep breathing excercises before I sleep, and I also steam my face every 3 days (which I find really helps to bring back life to my face) . And I clean my bed sheets more often esp. pillow case (I just do, cuz I figured it couldn't hurt), I also use my reg face cleaner (Spectro Jel)

I THINK ITS WORKING ! ...I have noticed my face has improved lots, I notice my colour is improving aswell... I don't know if its because of what I am doing or because my head is playing tricks on me, but what ever it is I am happy at the momment, I even received a compliment from someone who said I looked more fresh looking ... (I had dull skin before)

I also noticed I have lost some weight too, and its not the bad kind of loosing cuz I also feel like i have more energy and I feel more healthier and more confident that I can stay away from junk foods etc.

I don't want to jump into conclusions but sofar this is working for me, I just wanted to know if anyone else is doing this or had done this or has heard of this... ???????

The website i had visited made me very convinced that this was a great theory to test out, and so far, so good...


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