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ok, my view on this is such- sure they are linked, sex & acne, but not in the ways everyone seems to think. If you are getting laid on a regular basis, that usually means you are dating someone that you care about very much. Generally, you are in a happier, more positive frame of mind when this is the situation. When you are totally single & lonely & hating yourself & your skin, you obsess over ANY little thing, including the mini (or maxi!) zits you may have. When you are happily dating someone & having good sex, you feel better all around, & it shows physically as well as mentally. This is a proven fact! SO- less mental stress & torment = better skin, if not in reality than in your mind, which is the same thing.

About that masturbation = acne, I'm not gonna touch that one with a 10 foot pole.... suffice to say NO way!!!!
IMO: There *IS* a correlation between masturbation and acne but it's probably not the cause/effect that a lot of people think. Masturbation is a function of sex-drive, and it's well known that hormones are linked to both libido AND acne. That's the link, but it doesn't mean that masturbation causes acne, or that acne causes masturbation (hmmm, that's an interesting one). A lot of people seem to notice the cause/effect because of the hormone link, but I don't think it's ever held up in studies.

~ Cur111

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