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Hello....noobie here.

Not sure what to make of this. Can someone please help me identify what this could be or what it could be from?

Recently I started getting reddish marks in different areas of my face. I never got these before and I am not quite sure what to make of it.

Theses marks don't look like pimples, well at least from what I used to get as pimiples. They are small very slightly raised, with the surrounding area bright red, you know the type of reddness, like when a major zit is coming out. almost looks like it what good be exczema, I guess. But my family doesn't have a history of exczema. They are in various spots on my face, forehead, under eye area, cheeks. Something I never had before. They never become heads, and are not cystic like, and then just go away. Maybe a rash or somehting I don't know.

Some brief history:

Was on Acutane a few years ago, I no longer break out like I used to nor do I get the cystic type any more.

Was on Tazorac for a while as a maintenance thing, and just recenlty it started making my skin so dry and flakey.

Lowered the Tazorac to once a week.

Started cooltouch3 treatments along with microdermabrasion. So far had 1 of each.

Is it possible that the micro crystals have gotten lodged under certain areas of my skin and causing this?

My skin wass finally starting to clear up, and now I have this problem.

Could it be from eating somehting, even though they say diet does not cause acne.

Thanks for the help

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