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Products I have been using with SA also contain the active ingredient 'Triclosan'. Im not sure what this is and need to find out.
i've been using this face wash that has triclosan in it too- noxema triple clean cleanser- it seems to be working pretty good...and before that i was using purpose gentle cleansing bar...and i started noticing these ripples then too..i dont think it's just dry skin cuz i think i started noticing it about 2 months ago...maybe it is just reallly dry though and needs constant moisturization for awhile to get back to normal...i'm only 21 and it's like not wrinkles but just like damaged skin or something in that ripple's SO hard to explain- maybe it's from a sunburn or something?? i really need to fix it though..if u guys saw me u'd prob. be like what the heck is she talking about i dont see anything?? but when i look in the mirror with light reflecting on that side of my face, i can see it up close.. i hope somebody knows what i'm talking about...oh, i've also been using the noxema triple clean cleansing pads w/salicylic acid in them and i'm gonna lay off using them on that part of my face- oh also another thing about where these ripples are is that the pores over on that side of my face seem kinda large..let me know what u guys think! :bouncing:

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