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Scooterman---You mentioined stretchmarks on your back. We're you once very heavy and recently lost weight, or are you overweight at this time? If you are this could be a large part of your problem. Excess weight can cause hormonal imbalances which will effect acne. You also sound depressed based on your not wanting to go out in public. Depression can also cause acne due to increased anxiety. If anything I've said is true than I would suggest you
1.change your eating habits. Eat less white starch carbohydrates and use fibrous sources like green vegetables. Also drink a gallon of water a day.
2. Try to lose weigh by exercising as excess weight can cause elevations of estrogen in men causing unstable hormone levels.
3. If your not already doing it try taking the vitamin B5 supplements at 10-15 grams a day.
4. For the stretch marks you can try cocoa butter and lanolin. There is a medicine out called Mederma for acne scars and stretchmarks. Also Vitamin K is said to work well on stretchmarks.

Hope some of this is helpful

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