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Hi, I understand how you feel. I was becoming desperate and thought I was overdoing it and a nuissance when I had ugly acne forming. I was doing crazy research online because antibiotics weren't promising anything as it seemed, so I found antibiotics are crap and found this book called The Acne Prescription by Dr. Perricone which I did his 3 day diet that cleared my back in 3 days. I had cystic acne on my back. The were painful. Then my face took awhile because I was on Retin-A Micro. I found those work and antibiotics do nothing except make it worse after it wears out of your system.

I know how you feel, but if you have tried--it's best. I also did this Microdermabrasion from Vita-K Solutions from the store. It costs 19.99 at Walgreens or 17.99 at **************. I find that it helped lessen my nose blackheads and can even use it daily without it irritating your skin too long. I don't know if that will make a dramatic improvement for blackheads, but I found it helped lessen a lot on my nose. If you need more creams or the sponge that comes with it then you can reorder at their website. Hope this helps, but if that doesn't, then definitely go to the derm as I, too, think blackheads are really difficult to treat.

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