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Re: Sugar Sugar!
Nov 14, 2004
Yeah I have Dr. Perricone's book too. Not because I needed it to help my skin, but because I like having various references and wanted to know what foods & supps he was reccommending for acne sufferers. The thing I really liked about his approach was how he said we should treat our acne in this order:

Supplements (or meds)

LOL, yet how many of us did things backwards for sooooo long? OMG, I have post somewhere way back where I made a list of all the things I've tried an people were just shocked. They didn't believe it was worth doing so much, yet it was the natural event of things for me ;-) I started puberty at age 8 (not certain if that puts me at precocous puberty which is associated with future health & hormonal problems), but I didn't start breaking out until I was 10 years old. Then I didn't start to get the cystic stuff & body acne until I was 11 and this was also when I began to see a Dermatologist. I think that some people, granted the severity and deepness of the cystic acne is probably a factor, like myself have a skin texture that is still smooth & free of pits because I started getting help ASAP.

Oh my and RetinA & Azelex (both retinoid antiandrogens) were my FAVORITES! Except, I couldn't afford to use that stuff on my back all the time so my back never looked as "good" as my face did. Regardless though topicals weren't THE answer for me as not only would the acne always come back (even while using them), I was begginning to see physical signs that there was something major going on with me that was probably the reason I had acne to begin with.

Acne is acne, yet there are clinical definitons for severity & types of acne, it can affect all of us on deeply on a mental and emotional level. That's why I really don't understand how some people can disregard the extent that acne has incorported itself into our lives, and as such assume that ours could not possibly be as bad as theirs because of how we were most successful at treating it. Grrr... I've been dealing with this for 14 years now, and it's been only the past 2.5 years that I've been 99% clear as a result of following a Hormone Balancing Diet (he he) and I'm far from grown out of it. If I stop following my diet or I do happen to go for something with added sugar, I'll breakout, I'll get horrible menstrual cramps again, and more body hair will grow back. I haven't grown out of this, though I wish that were true, I have not.

Anyway, the other thing I liked about Perricones book was that while he didn't get into details about the hormones that contribute to acne, he does mention pro-inflammatory cytokines. So I did some research on this and indeed, these do happen to be more prominent in people that have hyperinsulinemia, metabolic syndrome, and Type II Diabetes! It's a lovely little cycle where you get too much insulin in your system so your body sends out insulin inhibiting growth factors (IGF-1) that happen to be more potent than insulin (LOL), and while it inhibits it also begins to stimulate our sebaceous glands, etc. Of course because those growth factors are now present, the body sends out pro-inflammatory cytokines to inhibt the growth factors. Except, they are...inflammatory and as such further contribute to the development of acne (menstrual cramps, & rheumatoid arthritis)!!! Sigh...the body is an amazingly complicated and beautiful machine yet it is quite capable of getting glitches that can make something that should be a normal daily process or protective become the source for a variety of problems...

Thankfully though, we understand how food can affect us and greatly contribute to the above and by "simply" adjusting our diet to reduce certain types of fuel for the above processes, most of us end up with vastly improved, if not 100% clear skin. Unfortunately though, my house like yours isn't the best place to have a perfectly "human diet" as one brilliant member once said. As such, I don't eat my veggies as often either. I tend to eat more salads with spinach, romaine, cabbage than I do other vegetables. When I do eat vegetables, its' usually sqaush, various greens, (potato), broccoli, cauliflower, (corn), (string/green beans), okra, olives, pickles, cucumbers, green onions, cooked celery and occasionally raw carrots. Yet just to get your vegetables you can grab the pre-packaged fresh or frozen veggies and toss them in the oven or steam (or boil) them for a quick fix. At least that's my plan as eating fruits are good, but vegetables have more fiber and more of certain nutrients & antioxidans than fruits. That's pretty much what I'm not doing that those that are 100% clear are, plus people have found that their skin heals faster when they eat more veggies ;-)

Say, do you eat bread, pasta, etc? Do you know if you are really sensitive to table sugar or if it is because those sweets had high fructose corn syrup? If not, then maybe when you do chose to eat chocolate candy you should go for the (organic) dark chocolate that is made with sugar, evaporated cane syrup/juice, or brown rice syrup...unless you want maltitol. Plus they won't have diary or trans fats which can also give some people pustular and cystic acne. I know that [B]Ecco Bella [/B] has some out, along with [B]Orgins[/B] (good, but expensive), [B]Tropical Source [/B] (weird taste), [B]Cloud Nine[/B], Sunspire (not gluten-free), and [B]Endangered Species Chocolates [/B] (good). There's a few other varieties out there and usually when you go gourmet you will also get good quality chocolates that are also free of most (except for "sugar") acne irritants.

Also, do you eat chocolate candy because you are craving sweets or just chocolate? If it's the chocolate you want you can also always make your own and then add stevia or xylitol (good stuff) to it and you wan't have to worry about breakouts! If it's the sweets or just something to snack on, are you getting any other fruits, dried fruits, (nuts), or seeds in your diet?

Oh and in terms of healthier processed food, you can get nitrate & sugar free lunchmeats & saugages (Sheltons, Applegate Farms, Wellshire Farms) and Trans Fat Free Potatos/Fries (Wild Oats, Alexia - walmart has this too).

Say are you also eating blueberries daily? I know there's a post around here raving about it's healing properties.

Bye for now =)

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