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Re: Sugar Sugar!
Nov 12, 2004
OK, you came to this board full of hope and curiosity about diet being THE answer. Along the way, something changed your mind and I'm curious as to [I]what[/I] it was. Was it a personal exprience with a particular diet that did it or was it based entirely on negative claims on this board? If so, did you happen to read what the positive claims were? If not, why would you so quickly discount that dietary changes work, just because for some reason they didn't work for everyone???

That's like me saying that your "acne cure" regimen doesn't work, because it didn't eliminate my acne. That's like me saying that antibiotics don't work because it didn't make me clear. That's like me saying that this XYZ Cleanser doesn't work, just because it didn't work for me. What gives you or anyone the power to sit there and say that something doesn't work, [B]despite[/B] the supporting clincial studies and testimonies, just because it didn't work for [I]you[/I]?

If you want to say "based on my experiences, it doesn't work for me", that's fine, but to constantly debate whether or not something is working for the rest of us that have been so extremely fortunate to FINALLY have a solution well it''s rather disheartening. It's like you can't be happy for us, because was our answer? I don't get it, people really don't like it and when doctors and others tell them to change their diets...maybe that's the problem. Perhaps people view food as something far more precious than....right maybe all of this is because [U]food IS that important [/U] and as such, wouldn't you think that something people would waste dozens of pages debating over, along with probably several wars, may just actually have THAT much of an impact on our health???

You know, I hardly know anything about you. I don't even know if you are a male or a female (acne treatments can vary). I don't even know how many years you've suffered with acne. All I know is that this is an acne board where we are all supposed to discuss ideas and help one another, yet I rarely see that side of you. I usually see the side that is skeptical and doesn't believe that anything can work, and I'm guessing it's from personal experiences, but I never hear you chime in about the use of Accutane, Birth control, Spironolactone, RetinA, Green Tea, Boswellic Acid, etc. All I really know about you is your firm conviction that acne has a genetic component (which I don't argue with u about) and that both you and your father have severe cystic acne. Period.

Well in case it got overlooked, did you know that my mother, father, and brother all had/have acne too? That my facial and body acne developed in the same area as they did on my mother, but mine went beyond those areas, was more severe, and I developed additional hormonal symptoms. Yet, despite the obvious genetic link, dietary changes worked for me when antiandrogens & insulin sensitizers weren't effective enough. Therefore, just because there's a genetic componenet, it does not mean one should give up and wait for "the cure" as there are plenty of effective options out there and one of them may just be yet another's cure!

While you see me continually explaining the concept of gene-environment interactions, how acne develops, & possible associated hormonal and health disorders, I do not know everything. ;-) If you have tried [B]ALL[/B] of the previously mentioned treatments and diets, I wish that you would chime in and say so. If you honestly happen to be such a rarity that NOTHING works for you, then you should share that so that others, especially doctors, will know. Certainly I don't mean it to be a deterant for others, but if we can all know that for some cases there is something else going on that has yet to be discovered, it could bring us closer to further defining "acne."

On the other hand, from personal experience and those of others, I've learned that you can't fix a problem, if you don't know the [I]right[/I] way to do it. The best way to do that is to know what your problem is and then proceed to use the treatment method appropriate for that problem. Hence why BP or BC won't always work for everyone. ;-) So, what exactly did the doctors, endocrinologists, derms, tell you? Did any of them test you for androgen, adrenal, pituitary, and thyroid disorders? If so what, were the results? What treatment methods have you previously tried? Also, what dietary changes or supplements have you used?

Thanks and Take Care

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