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Re: Sugar Sugar!
Nov 11, 2004
[QUOTE=openseason]Because hundreds of years ago people have eaten whole food diets with no sugar and still have acne, before sugar or processed foods. A person can eat healthy food and be overweight, it depends on how much one eats. No study including Perricones has shown that junk food causes acne. Jennifer Anniston lives on junk food booze pot and cigarettes, and I dont see any acne there.[/QUOTE]

If you notice some of us follow very SPECIFIC diets that have nothing to do with elimination of only junk food or processed food, but very specific foods that have been scientifically supported, I repeat [B]have been scientifically supported through clinical and randomized trials (isn't that what you want?) to contribute to the [U]increase[/U] of androgen hormone that is PRIMARLY responsible for the production of acne,[/B] among other health problems. Therefore just because someone doesn't touch an ounce of sugar and eats whole foods, doesn't mean they aren't giving their body enough fuel to still produce acne...or something possibly "worse".

Now, this acne you speak of many centuries ago, do you know what kind it was? Do you know how severe it was? Do you know how long it persisted?

Also, do you know if it happened to occur during the time that we like to call puberty where the body is in a [B]temporary state of insulin resistance [/B] or hyperinsulinemia, which results in [B]hyperandrogenism[/B] which.... results in...not just developement of secondary sex characteristics during this time, but also acne, obesity, or even diabetes will be present for some teenagers as well. Of course, because it is "temporary" usually some of those problems, like the acne, disappear once puberty has ended. Yet [U]we don't eat the same way as people back then did,[/U] and this is probably why it is more frequent, severe, and persistent lasting up to and beyond several decades for some sufferers.

So since you still get cystic acne, my question to you is this. If you feel that there's no connection, then please share with us your current diet. What foods are you eating, grains, vegetables fruits, nuts etc? How often do you eat junk food (fast food), corn syrup, etc?

How often do you eat vegetables?

What fruits do you tend to eat the most?

How often do you eat bread, pasta, pizzas, etc?

Animal protein?



Not all of us have that have improved (80%, 90%, 95%, 99%, 100%) from the EXACT same diet, but usually they do have a few similiarities. As such, I can eat trans fats and not get acne, [B]but[/B] it will enlarge my pores, give me dandruff, and encourage unwanted hair I don't eat it. I happen to still eat refined and junk food to some extent and in terms of the "junk food", as long as it's made with good quality ingredients, [U]avoiding[/U] the trans fats, HFCS, and other ingredients/nutrients that fuel my hormonal imbalance, I don't break out.

So once again, this is not about avoidiing a food because it's "bad" [B]it's about avoiding a food because either due to how it was processed or in it's natural state, it has some sort of nutrient (fat, sugar, hormone, growth factor, etc) that in small or large quantities cause people health problems. [/B] There's lots of things that I gave up that were my favorite foods, but the simple fact was that doing so made the BIGGEST impact in the quality of my life & my health, than the appropriate medications (antiandrogens, insulin sensitizers) or supplements ever did. Some people aren't that lucky, they must change their diet and still take medications, or take several medications & supplements, to get the same results, but for those of us that are able to do it through our diet, with the least amount of dependency on drugs, supplements & topicals, I hope you're able to respect that.

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