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Re: Sugar Sugar!
Nov 15, 2004
Believe it or not, I remember my first pimple. My reaction and my shock at such a young age. On my forehead. I was about 8 years old. Then, when I was about 10 years old, my forehead was covered in red bumps, there wasn't one clear space. The rest of my face was clear. I tried Clearasil and Oxy-- they did nothing. My mom continued to use Retin-A at the time for many years to keep them away, then she was begging me to use it. I refused many times, then I gave in and finally decided to try because it was so ugly. In about 3 months, my forehead cleared up completely. I had no acne or pimple for years. It was as if I had nothing before. I beat myself a little for this because I started to have acne on the side of my face only, then overtime it just blended to my chins. I refused to be on Retin-A again because of high school. I didn't want my acne to get worse in a self-counscious phase in high school, so I postponed getting help until my senior year. I got so fed up. I was using mom's retin-A from time to time, then everyday, which didn't do much for some reason. I couldn't understand. Then I tried antibiotics which only made it come back worse or didn't do much. I used a sulfuric treatment that only made really ugly pimple show up--I stopped it because it wasn't normal. I was using Nature's Cure for awhile in the summer a year back which was doing good, then I stopped everything alltogether when I found cystic acne forming along my jawline--Nature's Cure wasn't working anymore, including cystic back-acne. It was just showing up like crazy daily. I was doing researching and saw that Retin-A Micro might be best for oily skin which I have. I used it, and it helped a lot more than Retin-A cream. I am not completely clear like my forehead, but I know that Retin-A is keeping a lot of it from coming back again. I know that a combination of food and Retin-A Micro helps my skin :) . When I am on my period...I get about 3 bad acne if I don't behave with my food.

[QUOTE]Oh my and RetinA & Azelex (both retinoid antiandrogens) were my FAVORITES! Except, I couldn't afford to use that stuff on my back all the time so my back never looked as "good" as my face did. Regardless though topicals weren't THE answer for me as not only would the acne always come back (even while using them), I was begginning to see physical signs that there was something major going on with me that was probably the reason I had acne to begin with.[/QUOTE]

I tried using Retin-A on my back but it would become so red and really painful from these cystic forming. I get mostly zits which a good diet clears it up.

I was beginning to think if you were in college or had a profession in the science field :) and you are! Right now, I am thinking that maybe I should try something to help control my hormones in order to control acne. I get really bad acne during or before my period if I eat bad. I was thinking of trying natural homeopathic or pills to start with. Someone suggested 1,200 mg of Calcium and in 3 months many of the symptoms are gone. I don't take many of my vitamins religiously as I am unemployed right now, and I feel unstructured with my life at the moment. Fish oil capsules are good, but I find that eating the fish show good effectiveness than the capsules.

I almost feel sad that my mother isn't understanding how much I want to change my diet to a great extent. She needs it too as she gets acne on her back still in her 50's. She didn't get them until her 30's. Her face began at around age 12, I think. I don't know about my dad's, but it's obvious he had it because of scars along his jawline. There are weeks, where I just stop eating veggies entirely, then I start again. Isn't that weird? Why is that?

[QUOTE]Say, do you eat bread, pasta, etc? Do you know if you are really sensitive to table sugar or if it is because those sweets had high fructose corn syrup? If not, then maybe when you do chose to eat chocolate candy you should go for the (organic) dark chocolate that is made with sugar, evaporated cane syrup/juice, or brown rice syrup...unless you want maltitol. Plus they won't have diary or trans fats which can also give some people pustular and cystic acne. I know that [B]Ecco Bella [/B] has some out, along with [B]Orgins[/B] (good, but expensive), [B]Tropical Source [/B] (weird taste), [B]Cloud Nine[/B], Sunspire (not gluten-free), and [B]Endangered Species Chocolates [/B] (good). There's a few other varieties out there and usually when you go gourmet you will also get good quality chocolates that are also free of most (except for "sugar") acne irritants.[/QUOTE]

I am not sure. That's a good question. I have stopped eating cereals, bagels, white breads and white rice. I do have pasta and bagels, but those are almost rare times when I do. I just crave and miss the taste of cream cheese with bagels :). As for chocolates, I usually go for Hershey's bar or chocolates candies. I don't know what I crave, but when I drink coffee, I don't think that caffeine is my addiction, I think it's the sugar and milk I add in it that I crave. Sometimes I crave sweets at night. Recently, I ate Troufles ( I think that's the name). I ate cupcakes that I baked the week before my period, and that just made 3 imflammatory acne pop. They are just so bad in large quantities. Once I have one, I can't stop having a few others. I crave sweets during my period. I wish I could control this with natural medicines. Coffee is bad because as Perricone stated on Oprah a few days ago, it rises your blood sugar. I can't seem to stop. I can skip a day, but I think it's the sweet I add that I crave.

[QUOTE]Also, do you eat chocolate candy because you are craving sweets or just chocolate? If it's the chocolate you want you can also always make your own and then add stevia or xylitol (good stuff) to it and you wan't have to worry about breakouts! If it's the sweets or just something to snack on, are you getting any other fruits, dried fruits, (nuts), or seeds in your diet[/QUOTE]?

What's stevia or xylitol? I have never heard of those. I am not sure how to make my own chocolates lol. Sometimes I make myself chocolate milk. Maybe I crave both things--sugar and chocolates. My mom steals my almonds, but heck it's good for her. I have stopped with the almonds, I think I just don't like the brand. I need to switch it to one I liked. I try to get my fruits! :) , but I can go weeks without it for some reason.

[QUOTE]Say are you also eating blueberries daily? I know there's a post around here raving about it's healing properties.[/QUOTE]

Hmm...that's the problem. I think I hate blueberries although I know it's so good for your skin. Maybe I should try tasting it again--who knows when my taste buds will change. I have tried Strawberries which has gotten along better with me.

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