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Re: Desertgirl
May 14, 2010
I am on accutane 40mg/day. i have developed the same problem. mainly on the hollow of my left cheek and on a little on my forehead. i actually didnt have this problem before i started accutane, but it began about 2 weeks after i started. I think its part of my initial breakout... the medicine is brining everything up to the surface. Its driving me crazy because under sunlight it looks bumpy. i hate it. Im going to hawaii in a few days and im worried about all the bumps so im goin to try taking a few days off accutane. i accutally tried taking 2 days off the accutane to see if the bumps went down and they actually did go down some. so im trying not to worry too much about it i just dont want to get too behind on my accutane. i know for most it will get worst before it gets better but this worse part seems like its taking forever... i just cannot wait until my initial breakout is over. at least i havent had extremely bad breakouts yet, few here and there. but the good part is it really helped some of the dark acne scarring i had go away much faster. i think b/c it made my skin turnover faster. and my face used to get really oily, now i can go throughout the day w/o having to blot my face or apply powder. my face is actually too dry. like it feels sooo tight and i feel like i dont want to make too many facial expressions b/c im paranoid i have lots of wrinkles right now from the skin being too dry. im still worried to apply lots of lotions b/c im still early into the regimen and i dont want to break out a bunch from it. i hope things will be clearing up soon. ive taken 19 pills so far, skipping a few days in between when it gets bad. ive read as long as you take the full dose it doesnt really matter if you take it longer or do alot at one time to get it over with, but you get a bigger initial breakout. i felt my face was really great after the first week however. if i knew that was the case i would have started treatment later, so i would look great on my vacation. well i decided i will skip 4 days before my vacation and hope all those little bumps go back down. i think i got plenty of vit a in my system to keep me dry for a few days..

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