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Re: Desertgirl
Nov 10, 2004
Hey CuriousP.... I think we have similar skin situations...I had the flesh colored bumps all over my face (except my forehead) and occasionally, I could tell that one of the bumps was getting irritated and would turn into a red pimple; it wasn't all that often that they became pimples though. They were under the skin, and they never ever came to a head or came out when I picked at them (which I never learned not to do... I knew it'd make a mess out of my face, but I kept on doing it!). My face didn't look so bad when you looked at me straight on, but if you caught me from the side, you could see the really bumpy texture of my skin. Do you have them on your upper cheeks? That's where I had a lot of them... also, I had them in the "hollows" of my cheeks a lot too. Also, do yours get worse if you try to exfoliate them? Mine would get so irratated when I would try to exfoliate my skin. Instead of flesh colored bumps, the next day they would be pinkish bumps. The redness would fade after a day or two.

This wasn't the only type of acne I had though. I would get big painful cysts. They were huge and impossible to cover up and just plain terrible. It's mainly the reason I went on accutane because I probably could have lived with the flesh colored bumps if it had just been them. I would have knots on my face though and you would just see a huge buldge in my skin. It was not pretty. I had a few blackheads, but nothing really noticeable.

I had tried everything under the sun before accutane. I tried antibiotics, spironolactone, topicals, a million face washes, scrubs, peels, etc. Accutane was the only thing that ever worked. Some things helped more than others, but nothing would make the bumps go away. (Tazorac made them look even worse and more of them would turn into pimples.) Noxema Triple clean wash is awesome, kills the bacteria on your skin.

My bumps dried up almost immediately, but I noticed (this is gross, sorry) that many of them would just "fall out" of the pore. Like, where a bump had been a few days into accutane I started noticing flesh colored balls coming out of my pores. It was not bad and not noticeable to anyone other than me, because I'd get thisclose to the mirror to see how things were doing. Now my pores are sorta stretched out, but that's better than being bumpy. Oh, and the bumps did not become cysts (thank God) like you're worried about. I never had an initial breakout, but I think that was because my acne was not that bad. It was just the bumps and the cysts, but other than that I looked okay. If you're worried, maybe you could still do your homeopathic stuff, in conjunction with Accutane. That way you're fighting it on both ends. I really hope you find something that works for you and if you need any more help, just ask!

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