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Well I was on mino for just over six months and they were working really well at first but I found that they were not going to get me 90-100% clear and my acne wasn't getting better around the 6 month so I went to the doc again.

He switched me straight over to Erythromycin which is another antibiotic. It has been working alot better but I am still not 100% clear. He said that when I feel comfortale to go from 3 capsules (different drug so different dosage than Mino BTW) a day to 2. Then when im comfortale go from 2 to 1 and then to none.

I have been on Erythro for over 6 months)aswell and he said I could come back for more. I think that in the long run yes it is bad to keep on antibiotics for a long time and am slowly reducing my intake (currently taking 2 a day).

Eventually from what I have heard is that later on in life if you get something else that is severe other than acne and need to take antibiotics, your body would have already built up a resistance to antiiotics and they won't be as effective at treating this new problem whatever it may be.

My doc said some people have been on antiibiotics for years at a time. But this is just one guys opinion so its hard to tell.

As far as your face being weird, red and discoloured. I have found that with both antibiotics that your healing time starts to get drastically reduced which is another reason I have decided to cut down to 2 a day instead of 3. Even though I am getting far less acne, the acne that does come up stays there for a long while. Not in away that it is above the surface for ages but more so that when it has gone down you can see a red mark below the skin of where it once was. The marks eventually go away of course but do remain there a long while. Other cuts on my body take ages to heal aswell.

Overall though I am happier with at the moment getting far less acne even though I get red marks longer.

Good luck.

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