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I waited at least two weeks before the bumps totally went away..I thought it wasn't working and was about to send it back, when it started to clear up slowly but surely. It also depends on how bad your skin "feels'"...mine didn't look too bad except in my problem areas, but it felt REALLY bad...oily in spots, irritated in other areas. I would give it at least another week or so, or as long as the money back guarantee lasts. I know for me, the key was to do EXACTLY what the bottles said, plus what worked for me, is after cleansing my face, then applying the toner, sparingly I let my face dry completely BEFORE I put the reparing lotion on. If I don't do that I will still get bumps. I suspect its because the toner makes the face smoother and clean and the repairing lotion can't sink in and do its job right because it just glides onto the skin instead of being absorbed. There are times I do the first and second steps and the bathroom is fogged up and I am in the middle of it and my face isn't dry feeling and I lather the repairing lotion on and in a day or so I will see what looks like Baby acne in places. I know I shouldn't do it, but I'm in a hurry and well what can I do...bad, bad idea. I literally open up the door now, and let my face dry outside of the bathroom and then a couple minutes later I come back and put on the last step and then, again I wait minutes longer to apply my makeup. If I don't so this, I suffer the can try this to see if it helps you...I thought it was just ME that this was happening too, but for me I found it was more on HOW I was doing the steps then the actually product itself. Good Luck..but either way..if it works for you I am so Happy so you will have your miracle cure but if this isn't the right product fo you, then I pray that you find what is deserve to look and feel great.

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