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Hi, for 2 years I have had 2 pimple like bumps along my jaw. At first i thought that they were regular pimples, but they just never went away. About 6 months ago, 2 more of these bumps appeared on the other side of my jaw. They are really weird cos they are hard, pinkish and they don't have puss in them. Are they a sort of cysts/another skin disorder? I also have 1 of these pimple like bumps on my chest. You can't pop them or anything cos they are hard, sort of like a very small raised mole.

I saw a Doctor, but she wasnt much help..She wasnt sure. She gave me an antibiotic lotion, but that didn't work. Maybe I should go to a dermatologist?

I've had acne since 13, but have been taking Diane 35 for the last 3 years. However these pimple like bumps really bother me cos I don't know what they are and they DON'T GO AWAY!! Also it seems like they are spreading!

Its so hard explaining what they are (to anyone who saw them, they'd just think that they were pimples)..but ordinary pimples go away.

Please help... :confused:

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