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Hello Im interested in this bcp-yasmin your talkin about. 1st off, what kind of acne to you all have? I have moderate (that gets bad sometimes but not severe) acne that is mostly cystic, like the big swolen ones that you can pop sometimes and sometimes not. I dont have a blackhead problem, I get them on my face (Tzone primarily) back and some on my chest. It varies, Im 23 how old are you all? It's wierd I didnt have a huge problem in HS just a big cyst here and there but the last 2 1/2 years It have gotten it worse. Im on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo (birthcontrol) but it hasnt really helped a whole lot yet. I have only been on if for a month. is Yasmin birth control too? my Gyno said we could try another BC if this one doesnt work then last resort Accutane but I dont think I will ever do that. I wash my face with this Murad stuff too. It seems to help some. there is a gel and spot treatment too. Im tired of a dry face and still having acne. :( Any feedback would be awsome. What did your Doc say about this Yasmin? does it take 4 mo? my Doc said if I havent seen improvment from Ortho in 3 then it wont work. Thanks!

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