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Hello Im interested in this bcp-yasmin your talkin about. 1st off, what kind of acne to you all have? I have moderate (that gets bad sometimes but not severe) acne that is mostly cystic, like the big swolen ones that you can pop sometimes and sometimes not. I dont have a blackhead problem, I get them on my face (Tzone primarily) back and some on my chest. It varies, Im 23 how old are you all? It's wierd I didnt have a huge problem in HS just a big cyst here and there but the last 2 1/2 years It have gotten it worse. Im on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo (birthcontrol) but it hasnt really helped a whole lot yet. I have only been on if for a month. is Yasmin birth control too? my Gyno said we could try another BC if this one doesnt work then last resort Accutane but I dont think I will ever do that. I wash my face with this Murad stuff too. It seems to help some. there is a gel and spot treatment too. Im tired of a dry face and still having acne. :( Any feedback would be awsome. What did your Doc say about this Yasmin? does it take 4 mo? my Doc said if I havent seen improvment from Ortho in 3 then it wont work. Thanks!
thanks OHMYFACE- ill do a search on those!

and hi Lkk2507... im 19 and the type of acne i have is not too severe, i dont even think i should call it acne compaired to what many other posters have, but i do because, although my face is not covered with it, it just wont let up. especially around my period it flares up worse.

and yes ,Yasmin is a birth control pill. i heard about on this board and people said alot of good things about it. i was debating about going on one of the Ortho ones but ultamately from what ive read it seemed like id get better results from yasmin. i know some people say that certian Ortho ones actually made them break out worse, and i havent heard that from Yasmin users yet.

i got yasmin from my regular doctor after i got checked about intense cramps around my period. when she sugested it first i was relieved. because i wanted it for acne above anything else.--its been almost 2 months and alot of people say, like OHMYFACE, that it takes about 4 monthes to work good...i wish it was sooner but im willing to stick it out.. so you should probably do the same with yours (dont get to discouraged..ive also heard people say that the one your on cleared them up good). so if yours dosnt work then maybe youd want to try yasmin. but remember (im reminding myself too), that it takes a while to kick in.

hopefully other people will have other thoughts too.
My acne started out as mild, and then turned cystic....the Yasmin helped on both counts. I honestly haven't had a cyst in months.

LkK....different pills work differently for may not have success with one, but have great results with another. You just have to find the one that works for you.

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