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What do you mean by "steps"? One thing to expect is getting lab work done, meaning getting blood drawn to check your liver and cholestrol, before treatment and every month during the actual course.

In addition, when you're accutane don't forget to moisturize and avoid products that cause dryness. I'm pretty sure you're aware of all the side-effects, and you've done your research and you've read all those Accutane horror stories, but let me assure you that those side-effects rarely occur. Stay optimistic and let the drug do what it's supposed to do.

Here's my little brief experience with Accutane, and if you have any questions just ask -- I took Accutane almost three years ago and I'm still clear. The only side-effects that I experienced were dryness, chapped lips, and some joint pains, but the joint pains subsided right after I finished my course. Prior to going on Accutane, I had very oily skin, but now I have normal skin. It's dry when it should be and oily when it should be, if that makes sense. My initial breakout wasn't even that bad, in fact, I don't think I really had one. But everyone is different. Accutane cleared me up and all that remains are a couple large red marks which I hope will fade after I get my chemical peel done. If you have mild acne and you are successful while on Accutane, then more than likely your face will be clear of red marks. Now if you have moderate-severe, then you'll be left with some red marks but they'll fade with time.

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