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[QUOTE=LkK2507]Hello, Im 23 and I have I guess Moderate Acne. I get small white heads but the worse are the cystic ones ( I mainly get mine in the T zone and now sometimes around my temples). some come to a head that I can pop and others don't. Ive had them since I was 15 but all through High School it was tolerable, just one here and there. It wasnt until I was about 20 or so that it got worse and I started going to the derm. Ive been on Diferin, other topicals, Antibiotics, Ive used BP and SA that does help but not all the time. Im on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo right now to see if it will help with my extremely oily skin production. Ive been on it a month and it hasnt helped much yet. he says if it doesnt work by 3 mo then it wont. I hear alot on this board about things that help people but no one specifys if they have cystic acne or what. Im interested in this Paula's Choice stuff. Also Yasamin as a different more effective BCP. right now as far as cleaning,toning,exfoliating Im using this Murad stuff that I ordered. It works pretty good sometimes. I can tell it would prolly clear someone with mild acne right up. It just cant hold down my flair ups though. I think IM going to start using BP (benzoyl Peroxde) more again. A couple of years ago I used Clean & Clear %10 BP over the counter and I was clearer then mabe I should go back. It bleaches my clothes though if I get it on them. AHHHH any one feelin me on this cystic acne crap. :( Any suggestions?[/QUOTE]

Reading through your post sounds like the exact same thing I went through and still am going through. I have super super oily skin and I have super nasty cystic acne. It is horrible...I get these cysts on my face, back, neck, chest. Not only that but they are extremely painful. All I have to do is move around a little and the cysts light up with pain all over. My back is scarred beyond belief, as well as my chest and face to a lesser degree.

Anyways I used to get all sorts of topicals from the derm, but because of my sensitive skin they either dried me out way too much or caused rashes on my skin...I was pretty limited to what I could put on topically. I was also on just about every oral medication they have for acne. Minocycline, Doxycycline, tetracycline, and too many others to remember. Did they work? Yes, for a little while then they quit working.

I can honestly say that the only thing that has worked for my cystic acne so far is accutane. Now I know there are a few horror stories out there on this drug, but I'll bet you could find a horror story on just about anything...childrens toys even. Anyway I feel pretty safe on Accutane...the doctor tests my blood every three weeks and I got a gastrointerologist who is also watching my liver for anything. So I got a doctor, a gastrointerologist, and a dermatologist who are all watching me while on accutane. Within a month of accutane treatment I am noticing a dramatic decrease in the number of cysts I have. I get maybe 1-2 as opposed to the 10-15 I used to have and when I do get the cysts they aren't painful and they go away in about a week instead of taking 3-4 weeks.

This accutane stuff is amazing if you have severe cystic acne like I have. It's the only thing that has worked so far and if you've tried everything else maybe you should start looking into accutane, especially if nothing else seems to work.

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