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okay, so I am trying to figure out what kind of acne this is, and the best way to treat it. It is not the red kind, the painful kind, the blackhead kind, the white-head kind, not a cyst. It is flesh colored bump-(this is gross, sorry) but when you squeeze them, you get the same white crap. Sometimes it is hard, other times it kinda squirts, it can be clear. It is like a white head kind not formed yet. I get them all over the place. Of course, no one else can see them, but I can and I feel them and I can't handle it. I don't really break out that often, infact, if I had to say I had acne, this is the kind I have. I was getting cysts for two years, but I am on a cream and don't have them anymore. Every now and then I get the painful kind or a white head. I have blackheads on my nose, chin, upper lip-but they aren't big.
I am getting angry and irritated that I can't get rid of these!!!
I cleanse with Neutrogena, use a black head eliminating toner/astringent, sometimes the oil control astringent (not both at same time), and that cream sometimes once a day or twice. I wear a light foundation and a matte powder. I don't re-apply the powder during the day. I have very oily skin-I don't use moisturizer. I use oil blotting tissues. I even wonder if there is a skincare product out there for this-even a script. Any thoughts would be great, and sorry for the gross explanation above.

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