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[QUOTE=minefruit]I have been vegetarain for 14 years. I had acne before and after.

Vegetarian diets SHOULD be healthy, but like any other diet, there is certainly ways for it not to be. I mean, potato chips are vegan after all.

I completely disagree with the statement that soy causes free testosterone. The research I have done shows that soy increases estrogen in a form which balances testonsterone. Animal products are loaded with estrogens that will not balance testosterone.

Increasing healthy foods, especially ones with lots of vitamins, is good for your entire body, not just your skin.[/QUOTE]

Right, [B]Whole Soy [/B] & [B]Soy Protein Isolate [/B] has the ability to mimic estrogens and thus decrease our bad/active estrogens (E2) and studies have shown that it can also decrease your testosterone levels (especially in males), but it also has the ability to decrease thyroid hormone production. If you lack thyroxine hormone, and are thus hypothyroid, you will also have a decreased level of SHBG. SHBG binds Free Testosterone levels, so while you may show "normal" levels of total androgens, you may indeed still have too high a level of Free Testosterone (which can become DHT).

[B]Soy Isoflavones [/B] (diadzein & genistein) on the other hand are considered anti-androgenic and anti-estrogenic because they are Type II DHT Inibitors and there's some shaky evidence (poor controls) that they also (slightly) raise SHBG & lower Free Testosterone. Soy isoflavones work by inhibiting DHT formation, but they will also inhibit estrogen formation to some degree as well (which may be a good thing if it's inhibiting active estrogen/E2) as all DHT inhibtors reduce aromatase (enzyme for testosterone to estrogen conversion).

Now for those that have become vegetarians and discovered that consumption of soy products brought on their hypothyroidism & acne and found that eliminating the soy primarily if not entirely resolved their hypothyroidism and acne problems, may want to look out for[B] Equol[/B]. Equol is derived from Diadzein soy isoflavone (produced from bacteria in our stomachs), yet it's antiandrogenic abilities stems from the fact that it [B]directly[/B] binds to DHT (no other drug, supplement does this) and thus makes it preferable (as it won't alter your estrogen levels). Unfortunately, they are not selling this as a supplement yet, so for those that can tolerate whole soy or soy isoflavones this is currently your only way of obtaining this.

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