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The best treatment which for some reason is not widely known is also the easiest. Before I tell you what it is I'll tell you what I encountered on my path to discovering it. I spent years on very harsh antibiotics, was spending hours upon hours each day applying all those creams the dermatologist was prescribing. I was spending an average of 100$ per week between the antibiotics, creams and dermatologist visits. Can you identify with all this? I am sure you can. So how did I discover the cure? Well on a fitness forum I learned about something that can help. I asked my dermatologist if it was true and there was just silence, asked again she just replied " I wouldn't bet on it working.. anyway that'll be 30$ for the cream". I forgot about it for awhile, I mean the reports these people were giving were too good to be true, and it was way too cheap, and could be found everywhere and I would never need visit a dermatologist again, note the *everywhere* part.

Well some months later after alot of wasted money and nerves I stumbled upon an online FAQ about it. So I decided to give it a go. I found my pharmacy sells it in bulk and... Well it worked. It cost me a total of 30$ for the 4 months of usage to get rid of my acne forever. No creams, NO ANTIBIOTICS, nothing. Today... I am so mad that if I were to encounter my dermatologist somewhere on the street I would spit in her face.

So what's this everywhere thing that works for everyone and works without fail? It's called panthotenic acid (panthos meaning everywhere in greek). It appears in just about every edible substance on this planet. But you need huge doses of it for acne removal. About 10 grams daily for the clearance phase, and the average diet has barely 1/1000 of that. The maintanance dose is abou 1gr daily.

What are the side effects? None. It's a water soluble vitamin (otherwise known as B5). Will it work? Yes! It works just as good roaccutane and can not NOT work for you.

So why isn't it better known? Well i've been wondering this for months. I mean I don't want it to sound like a conspiracy theory... but just think about it. What if anyone who had acne would go to his dermatologist, and he would be told to just buy a simple vitamin, and he would never ever need to visit that dermatologist again or buy any expensive acne medicine ever! Dermatologists would be out of bussiness. I mean this acne thing is a multi-billion dollar industry if you think about it.

The real world success rate is 90%, but it has been shown that this is due to the fact the other 10% didn't follow thru with the treatment (i.e. they got lazy). In controlled studies the success rate has been a very firm 100%. Look around on pubmed for the studies.

If you want more info on how the actual treatment goes. Just ask.

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