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[QUOTE=LkK2507]Im on Ortho Tri Cyclen LO and It has been really roller Coastery the 1st month, I just started the new cycle day before yesterday. One thing I notice is my zits are coming to a head so I can pop them sooner. I dont know if its from the BC or this new face wash and stuff Im using. It seemed to make my back and Chest break out right before my period and that hasnt happened in a long time. Im going to wait it out to see if it helps my gyno said we will try a different one if this one doesnt work. Any one have any good luck with LO??

Daisy... few questions.. I have cysts too. Did they go away for those few years quite a bit? do you have really oily skin? How bad is your cyst and acne?


They went away for about 4 years. I only got one cyst every six months or so for those 4 years. I also have little bump-pimple things on my forehead and those went away too. But now, sadly, everything has come back. I don't have very oily skin. I use Oil of Olay oil-free moisturizer every day. My cyst acne is pretty bad, in my opinion. I get about 4 a month now. They are on my chin area 99.9% of the time. I am 26 years old, by the way. I am going to the dermatologist next month to see what else I can do now that the Ortho stopped working. I have been on Retin-A (made my face wayyyy too red and didn't work as well as the Ortho) and also Differin (it didn't work barely at all, but I still use it as spot treament on my cysts and I think it helps them go away quicker). I also used some stuff on a pad, kinda like an alcohol pad the nurses wipes you arm with before a shot. That stuff didn't work at all!!

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