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Re: What is spiro?
Nov 26, 2004
Ahh, yes Spiro is a good drug for acne. It's been an aldosterone inhibitor for over 20 or 30 years now, and it has been used to treat acne almost as long. This is so because the nature of it's structure happens to be similar to androgens and so it can block the androgen receptor (rendering it inactive), but it generally won't reduce your testosterone production (it's still being produced, but it's just inhibited from working). Males can take this too, but they tend to be VERY sensitive to much smaller doses than a female would.

So a female generally will take 100mg - 200mg, while a male would take - 25mg - 100mg. This tends to help greatly reduce if not clear their skin. I thinks it's rather funny though that as a woman, 200mg couldn't clear me, yet males around here that were/are on lesser doses were cleared =}

Anyway, it's relatively safe. Your derm may prescribe this, but chances are you will have to go see a specialist, such as an [B]Endocrinologist[/B], to get your hormones tested and have this prescribed. While some do this w/o seeing a doctor, because of the blood tests you must take every 3 - 4 months that's not a very wise decision. This is a sulpha drug and if you are allergic to these or it ends up lowering your blood pressure too much, you're in trouble, so it's really important that you do this the right way.


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