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[QUOTE=jabbathegut]whats that carb loading supplement program that you were talking about Sweetjade?[/QUOTE]

There's actually a few regimens that males around here have used such as:

Rice and/or Oatmeal as their only grains (as bulking carb)

Gluten-Free Diet

Gluten-Free Diet w/ Fish Oil or R-ALA

Low glycemic foods + 2mg of B5 daily and consuming High GI/GL [B]only[/B] on training days

**Depending on your sensitivity and diet peference, these have yielded 90% - 100% clear skin....certainly better than 30% or 50%, right?

However the other regimen I was refering to is by John Berardi. Basically I read an article where he was saying how one can adjust their insulin sensitivity, thus decrease their insulin resistance, through diet, exercise, and supplementation (environmental changes to a ...."genetic" disposition) even if they are training! This is very important for some of you that are interested because it's either clear skin or big muscles for an acne sufferer, and maybe this may make it to where you are at least 90% clear or more while still building the muscle.

[U][B]To decrease insulin resistance (IR):[/B][/U]
1. 3 - 4 intense weight training sessions, 1 hour each, per week

2. > 3 - 4 aerobic sessions, 30min each, per week

3. 600mg of alpha lipoic acid (or 200mg of R-ALA) after exercise

4. 6g - 10g of concentrated DHA & EPA Omega 3 supplement after exercise

5. Moderate Carbohydrate Diet (40% - 50% carbs) that is Fiber RICH, such as oatmeal, whole grains, fruits, & vegetables.

6. Moderate Protein Diet (30% - 40%) of HIGH quality protein such as, chicken, beef, fish, egg (whites), dairy (casien & whey).

7. Low Fat Diet (20%) such as olive oil, fish oil, flax oil, & nut oils. Consuming equal amounts of Saturated, Polyunsaturated, & Monunsaturated fats.

8. Generally eat 6 meals a day with your highest glycemic meals immediatly after workouts. First 3 Meals = Protein & Carbs only and Last 3 Meals = Protein & Fats only (the more IR you are the less carb & more protein meals you consume).

He says that this diet will help increase insulin sensitivity and thus decrease your fat gaining ratio. He said that this will enable you to build more muscle over fat, to 1:1 or even a 2:1 muscle to fat ratio! Of course, if you can decrease the fat your building this can also reduce your likeliness of getting inflammatory acne (avoid trans fats too) as they depend on fatty acids from your fat to form. This is also why the Fish Oil is used, yet DHA is also very good at being antiandrogenic, compared to EPA. Of course the ALA is used to help steady sugar levels, but it's also an antioxidant (anti-inflammatory) and helps boost Glutathione (something acne sufferers are thought to be defficient in and is also reduced in those that are insulin resistant) aids in liver detoxification and in reducing IGF-1 (which stimulates sebum growth & oil production and inflammatory events), thus how this may help you reduce your acne!

I would like to add that the diet he mentions is very similar to my current diet. I'm not low carbing it despite a 50% reduction in my carbohydate intake. I follow a moderate carbohydrate diet, low in grains compared to before, but higher in fruits & veggies. Thus, all I really did was change the [B]quality[/B] & [B]type[/B] of carbohydrates and that reduced my intake from up to 600g of Carbs, down to 200g - 300g of carbs daily. Granted if you are training you need more than this, but is the above the kind of regimen that you follow Jabba?

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