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[QUOTE=SweetJade1] know while I care, I honestly don't care one way or the other how you get there. I absolutely want you and everyone to find their solution, whether it be diet, supplements, medication, or in the future gene therapy, but in the meantime gene therapy isn't an option. Holding on to the belief that your acne is hormonal or genetic and therefore "no diet can change this significantly" is a bit....naive.

You said some things that don't really add up, especially if your goal is to reduce androgen production. Meats don't really have a negative impact on that (but their saturated fat & added hormones may), therefore no you don't have to be a vegetarian in order to get clear skin. There's two threads right now discussing how even vegetarians can be consuming foods that encourage acne production! It's not what you [I]think[/I] is healthy or balanced, it's about the [B]way [/B] your body interacts with those foods. I believe you. I believe that you do "the right things" diet-wise, but that's not usually enough for someone with severe acne.

If you want to clear your skin, even with severe acne, through diet, you have to know [B]why[/B] a diet change would work in the first place. Do you know why myself and others, that have suffered with chronic acne for 10, 20, 30 years or more believe that a diet change would work? Granted, there's several possible reasons such as one may be allergic, intolerant, or consuming a toxin (chloracne or yoshu), but assuming these aren't you, do you understand the mechanisms behind which a diet change can help reduce or eliminate one's acne?

BTW, how severe is your acne? Do you have cystic acne? Would you consider it to be severe enough to be called acne conglobata or acne fulminans? How stubborn & persistant is it? Also, how long have you been suffering with acne? Do you think that yours will go away around the same time as your dad's did?

Also, what treatments have you tried in the past that didn't work? Accutane, Retina, Antibiotics, certain supplements? Since you've never been tested, is it something you are interested in doing so that you'll know what you have and thus, can find use the appropriate treatments (and possibly dietary measures) that are best for you. =) After all you can try a dozen treatments and eliminate a dozen foods but if they are not the one's that are meant to help your situation, it doesn't matter. I think that's why some people get all disappointed, skeptical, or bitter about certain things others of us will rave about. It's not those things fault, it's just that these individuals didn't know what their health/hormonal situation was and therefore had no true idea as to what would be the most accurate method of treating their acne. Make sense?[/QUOTE]

My acne is cystic and it is very very persistant...and very painful. My acne has scarred my back severly and has scarred my face, neck and chest to a lesser degree. I've tried tetracycline, minocycline, doxcycline, minicin, (other oral antibiotics...don't remember all the names)...I can't really put on topicals because I have very sensitive skin. I have tried benzoyl peroxide, retin-a, retin-a micro, others that I can't remember. Most topicals the derm gives me dry me out way too much and they make my skin irritated and red. I have been reading about how meats have hormones in them and our milk has hormones in it, but even if I believed that these were the cause, I really have no alternative to these things. I mean I love milk and meat.

I don't understand why my derm wouldn't have me tested for all these things if what you say is true. I don't mean to sound skeptical or bitter, but I've tried alot of stuff and so far nothing has worked for me. I really wouldn't care if I had just normal acne...I just want to get rid of these painful cysts that are all over my body.

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