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Ok.... I've tried product after product to make my skin look better and nothing I MEAN NOTHING.... comes through for me!The acne is gone... it's that all these healed blemishes is all over my face, they're not really noticeable but you can still see all of them when you're up and close to me or in the mirror.... I am a light brown skin african american.My whole body is a different color from my face... the rest of my body is nice & smooth... when I look at my face... it's darker and rugged from all those bumps and scars on my face all these years.What's even got me more depressed is starting next month... it'll be 5 years since 5th grade... the last time I had clear skin was in 5th grade around this time.Now I am in 10th grade.My self esteem is lower & I think I am ugly.... sometimes I feel better and other times I don't.Alot of people say I am handsome but I can't believe it which is sad!My mother won't let me see a dermatologist because she believes it's not that big of a deal.I'm tired of people telling me what to do with all these scars.. All you need is cocoa butter and wash your face.... I've used many different brands of cocoa butter & everything & it doesn't seem to have an effect on my face or my scars.I want my face to look young again like it did when I was 11!I'm now 16 and my face looks like I am an unhealthy 60 year old man.I just felt like venting.... Sheesh if all those pimples didn't leave scars and discoloration!! I wold have had clear skin finally because my pimples cleared up months ago for the first time in years but these scars are still a reminder!! I want it to be over!! This thing ruined just about 70% of my teen years!!I am in 10th grade now... I hope 11th & 12th grade will be better when I have clear skin!!

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