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okk well im 15 year old male with moderate to severe acne. Iv been been on accutane now for 8 days (70mg a day). Question is, can i still use my benzoyl peroxide wash 10% ? if not, can any1 here recommend a good facial cleaner for accutane (over the counter)...and finaly...can i and will it be wise to use tee tree oil while on accutane?

1) can i use benzoyl peroxide 10% wash while on acutane

2) IF not, what is another good non prescription wash?

3) Can i, and should i use tea tree oil while on accutane?

Hi Dom,
I've been on accutane before...and will be on it again in a few days, but to answer your questions.

First, I would not recommend that you use the Benzoyl Peroxide wash while on accutane, depending on the sensitivty level of your skin... although the worst it would do is fry your face/ increase redness and irritation.

Second, the best cleansers that I found were Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash (if you want something that foams up) or Spectro Jel (if you want something that doesn't foam up...only available outside the US however...I bought it online)

Third, if you are only using the tea tree to spot-treat you shouldn't have a problem. '

Good Luck and Take Care


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