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What has helped your cystic Acne the most? Or what has been your experience.

I just cant figure it out. Im trying one thing at a time to see what helps. Im 23 and when I was a teenager or in HS I didnt have that much of a problem. I would get a cyst here and there it wasnt that bad. When I was about 21 It just started getting worse. I would still consider myself some what moderate. Ive gone to the derm quite a few times in the past few years and all he wants to do is put me on antibiotics. they have caused me other problems and all they do is work KINDA untill I build up an amunity to them. used topicals like Diferin, tretinion, and other I cant remeber, Now Im taking birth control, Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo, only been on it about a month and a 1/2. I dont know if that is going to help or not yet. I just dont understand why it would start getting worse in my 20s. My skin is very oily. My mother has very oily skin and has suffered with an acne problem all her life. she still gets some sometimes but not that bad. I wonder if Im just going to be stuck with it. Its weird cause I get it on my back and chest sometimes too. Never in all 3 places at a time usually just one or 2 places at a time. ex my face and back or. my back and chest. right now its like my face has been pretty consistant and my back get a few here and there every once. I dont know this is just my story. I read alot on here but alot of the times people dont tell specifically if they have cysts or not. Any feedback would be sweet. Thanks!

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